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E commerce solutions for your business: Build your Online Shop Easily and Quickly, sell your products with the best custom Magento Based E-commerce Shops

Construction, design and development Professional e-commerce website and manages the Internet! The most advanced features combined management system convenient and simple to operate.

  • building electronic commerce store for your business

    Want to sell your products and services on the Internet?
    We offer all business owners solutions for construction, design, and simplified management of a professional e-commerce website and successful on the Internet.

    You want to increase your sales and revenue significantly? Interested in electronic commerce store that really your investment returns?
    We offer business owners the highest quality solution and the overall management of a successful e-commerce site on the Internet!

    E-commerce store is not only the sale and purchase of services or products online on the Internet.

    1. development
    2. marketing
    3. sale
    4. shipping
    5. making and receiving payment
    6. securely

    And everything simply and pressing only one key!

    Competed with electronic commerce sites with large and established!
    If you are like most business owners develop, even too busy to design and build an electronic trading system to compete successfully on the Internet. With our expert staff, you can rest easy – we will do all the hard work in a professional and fastest!

    Why our experts?
    We know what it takes to build a successful electronic commerce store on the Internet. Our expert team will design you a unique electronic commerce store, professionally which will appeal to users and will provide your customers a complete shopping experience and quality – all at a cheaper price than you thought. Close support and guidance throughout the process of launching your e-commerce site!

    Advanced solutions for electronic commerce stores
    Over the years, we have provided our customers with the leading online trading solutions and the most advanced. Modules and upgrades, advanced technical knowledge, experience and expertise in developing unique applications and e-commerce sites most successful.

    All you need to manage a successful website on the Internet is here! Professional e-commerce website, shopping cart, storage, content management system support, and integrity of your business commerce site.
    Add your products and you are ready to sell!

  • your electronic store features

    we offer you all the leading and most advanced solutions for managing the most successful e-commerce on the Internet.
    Online business with advanced features and upgrades to the store management system and user interface based on technical knowledge, expertise and experience in developing e-commerce sites in many and varied.

    Our electronic stores with advanced system for managing the world’s leading electronic commerce sites.
    The main characteristics of the management system e-commerce site:

    1. full match – just adjust the system’s needs and objectives of your business.
    2. online shop – purchase with registration or without registration site.
    3. Call to action

    4. – the client’s intent to add products to cart includes shipping costs, comparing products, and adding a shopping list.
    5. Inventory Management – No item in stock, the customer knew about it before adding product to cart, and will be updated when the stock resumed.
    6. payment process – user-friendly, adjusted in six steps or one step.
    7. Security – SSL security integration with electronic commerce sites.
    8. integration – interfacing with various clearing systems, mailing systems, different payment methods and systems for various statistics.
    9. flexible system – rich features and functionality
    10. variety of marketing tools, product management, catalogs, dealers

    Other features:
    Management system unique characteristics that place the system at the forefront of content management systems of electronic commerce sites.

    1. sequencing products by categories, catalogs or digital products.
    2. adding pictures and technical details for each product.
    3. inventory management.
    4. wishlist – wishlist
    5. Compare Products.
    6. full Hebrew support.
    7. existing design patterns.
    8. search engine friendly.
    9. advanced marketing tools.
    10. mailing list.
    11. content management system cms static pages.
    12. Advanced Search.
    13. advanced navigation and filtering options products by filters.
    14. shipping a variety of destinations.
    15. control orders management interface.
    16. several management

    17. electronic commerce stores a single interface.
    18. registering and creating user accounts.
    19. tracking shopping history.
    20. Contact

    21. through various forms customization.
    22. support a variety of languages.
    23. foreign currency payment.
    24. promotions, coupons and much more special marketing tool.
    25. and many more unique features!

    Training and Guidance to success!
    The most advanced features, you will help only if you know how to use them best. Exactly for this purpose, our expert staff a guide you so that you can unleash the full potential of your electronic subtrahend camps.

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  • dream of the perfect trading store for your business?

    Three simple steps to your dream can come true!
    1. Contact us and tell us what your business vision
    2. Let our experts get to work
    3. Conduct a professional trade shop simply true business success on the Internet!

    So we can Lhia our offerings to you, and you build a successful e-commerce site for your business, contact us now!

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