Virtual server storage, storage services for advanced VPS customized to your needs and requirements of the most convenient price.

What is virtual server?
Virtual server is a physical server software distributed through multiple servers. This division is creating a virtual server. Each virtual server runs independently and can run different systems in parallel.
Virtual server storage management allows a number of clients using advanced management system while allocating appropriate resources to each client: disk space, CPU RAM, etc. …

Why store actually a virtual server?
Significant reduction in storage costs – If you need storage services customized specifically for your site you can get the same services dedicated storage services at the best prices.
With a growing business – no need to waste resources and store dedicated server. Get the resources you need to develop, upgrade and expansion of your business.
Security and maintenance services – all storage customer receives a virtual server security and maintenance services for current as a dedicated server.
Adjusting the virtual server client’s needs – matching system, and adding resources without having to purchase a new server.
System flexibility – virtual server storage allows for more flexibility in site management, systems and interfaces.

What do you get?
Server reliability
You as a customer on a virtual server storage will get the services, support, availability and the best answer, just like all of our client, whether it is a collaborative server and whether it’s a dedicated server.

To Starr communication we perform adjustment of the technical characteristics of the virtual server client’s needs, you get the best storage price.

Professional advice
Ordinary storage services do not meet your needs?
We will match you with the most appropriate solution to your needs, in the most professional quality.

Peace of mind and quick response
Virtual storage services without tinkering and concerns on your part. Storage customers enjoy peace of mind storage services really are, and responding to such a fast, professional and quality to any question arises.

Technical information about VPS servers:
Windows-based servers Xen Server platform.
Linux-based servers to VMWare platform.

Advanced features:
Management interface
Security monitoring
Email box