Reseller Hosting

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Star Communications provides reseller hosting packages based servers windows and linux systems.

  • professional manner but the simplest storage accounts of your customers.
  • unbeatable prices
  • customer independent management
  • full control over the storage area of each jet
  • flexible distribution of traffic volume per customer
  • respective packages Risiilrim your needs and objectives.
  • interfaces and management systems HostingController and DirecAdmin.
  • features and characteristics

  • best Lrisiilrim
Risiilrim Linux server Risiilrim windows server

Dedicated server hosting

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Star Communications provides dedicated hosting services, dedicated server and managed hosting services customized to clients who want a private server storage.

Who needs the services of a dedicated server storage?
Your site grows, develops, contains a large amount of content and volume of visitors is growing?
If you run multiple sites, different storage schemes, different server farm systems.
If you need upgraded storage services, advanced features and performance of advanced systems the best site for your business.
Integrity of the storage program a server farm, server and custom-designed conditions to your needs.
If you need a dedicated storage services without restriction.

Designated storage customers of Star Communications get the exact solution and highest quality for your needs. Dedicated server storage lets you focus your online activity at your company under the most powerful systems and the most advanced features.

Our Dedicated storage services
We will provide you the server, security services, statistics, individual IP address and storage services from the precedent of Purpose:
Installing and customizing systems.
Technical Support
Operating system updates
And application modules update
Server monitoring
Monitoring applications
Firewall services
Updates Anti – Virus
Identifying hacking attempts
Backup and Restore
Database Management
Performance improvement.
User management.

Our advantages as a supplier to your designated storage services
Dedicated server hosting is the most advanced hosting and fully tailored to each customer. We will match the most appropriate server for your needs and for your goals.
Dedicated server hosting allows the company or organization to better control, concentration and focus at all online activities, flexibility in the management, advanced hardware systems and many more features.
Unique IP address – a unique address for your site or sites will maintain the high speed of loading your site, for better browsing of automated scanners and surfers alike.
Security – a dedicated server package is accompanied by storage of advanced security systems to ensure the security of information stored in your dedicated server.
Upgrade options – your site or business expanded even more? Our dedicated storage customers enjoy ongoing support, matching resources and making unlimited storage service based on the needs and development of the site or your business.

Linux Server Hosting

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Hosting on Linux – advanced and professional hosting services on Linux based servers.

Properties special package Regular package professional package ecommerce
28 NIS 60 NIS 90 NIS NIS 145
Total disk space 100 MB 450 MB 1000 MB 1000 MB
monthly traffic 10 GB 30 GB 100 GB 200 GB
amount Domains 1 2 10 3
Sub Domains
support international domains
management interface DirectAdmin DirectAdmin DirectAdmin DirectAdmin
DNS Management
unique IP address
SSL SSL collaborative SSL collaborative including SSL certificate
mailbox size
automatic response mailboxes
automatically turn e
mail forwarding address First
filter SPAM messages on the server
FTP accounts
MySQL database
protect folders
data backup
technical support 7×24 7×24 7×24 7×24
monitoring and server uptime 7×24 7×24 7×24 7×24
package price 28 NIS 60 NIS 90 NIS NIS 145
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* Package price does not include VAT


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Looking for a hosting solution?
Here you can find web hosting services that fit your needs at the best prices.

Know what you need?

Linux hosting Windows Server hosting VPS hosting Dedicated hosting Resellers

Join Star storage customer communication and you too can enjoy a quality hosting without dealing with peace of mind and no worries!

Full technical support and answer any questions
Site available for more than – 99%
Advanced features and ease of use

We will match you with the most appropriate storage suite your needs the cheapest prices!
Why choose the web hosting services Starr storage area of your business site?

availability website with peace of mind

high quality hosting services with no worries. Save all dealing with the availability, bandwidth, speed and server properties.

unbeatable prices

storage package appropriate for your site, your needs, at the best prices online.

professionalism, maximum security and stability

We know the databases, servers, features and characteristics and therefore can offer you the most advanced storage services for custom control.

service equals

advanced support services, professional and prompt response to any question arise. An immediate and direct our experts.

Star's storage server communication

server farm of 012 Petach Tikva, and servers located in Utah – storage sites with an international audience.

unparalleled performance

advanced server with four cores, advanced RAID array, hosting performance grows with your business.

Storage LINUX

LINUX based server applications that support best PHP, and MySQL DB – providing
Solutions and the most stable systems and the most appropriate web hosting.


Windows Server 2008 Server-based – solutions for customers to store fully supports. Net, ASP, Ajax and secret MSSQL databases.

all storage solutions and high quality response to existing needs

image hosting for customers who want cheap and reliable storage in

Advanced Hosting with e-commerce sites, including SSL certificates and dedicated IP address

Advanced content sites packages, Risiilrim various packages that are interested in their customers and audience dedicated hosting services in full compliance with customer requirements

advanced support services to solve any problem

We provide advanced support services, such as 100% backup of your information at any given time, an advanced management interface for storage and transfer sites.

Your opinion is important to us!

Important for us what our customers think. So, we really want to know when you are not satisfied. You encounter a problem or service you have not been happy with him? Contact us immediately!

We offer quality storage packs a full match your needs.
We believe in complete transparency with our customers, customer service and reliable quality, storage package matching each client uniquely.
Professionalism and availability at the best prices for storing your website.

To get the best offers and enjoy high-quality storage services, contact us today!